Our Spotify Playlists ♫

In addition to our interest in fashion and art, we also like to express our love for music in the store. Have you heard something in our store that you can't get out of your head or do you want the right vibe when (web)shopping, check our Spotify playlists here!

Fortunately, Corona also has positive aspects: it gives us the opportunity to day-drink and to watch movies and series throughout the day. Since this is the perfect time to watch all Tarantino movies, we have created the Quarantino playlist especially for now. From surf to Yé-Yé, from Morricone to Miserlou; music from the movies in the style of the great Tarantino.


Classic hits and b-sides, from rock to folk. This is the real vintage. The perfect music for road trips and long conversations with your father. Leather jackets, wide legs and brown / orange wallpaper. This is the perfect theme song for our basement!



Mind melting (neo) psychedelics, rolling surf & desert rock and new-retro vibes. The bands in this playlist continue with the psychedelic sound that started in the 60s. This is the perfect music when you browse the vintage racks and when the acid kicks in.


Contemporary R&B with a slight hip-hop injection. This playlist skips the shitty moan 'n groan songs and focuses on chill sounds, girl power and soul. The ideal list for the start of a rainy Sunday.



House with ethnic influences and Arabic slow techno. This list is not about bangers or background techno, but rather deep and slow beats with folklore instruments, Arabic vocals and analog synths. Perfect for sunny, hot days when it's almost too hot to fit clothes.



Sweet tooth electronics, future jazz and experimental breaks; this playlist sounds like the soundtrack for a Japanese RPG pixel art game. Complicated jazz chords on a basis of beeps, bloops and analogue bass synths. For happy and sunny days and perfect as both foreground and background music.



African high life, Afrobeat and Hawaiian Resort music; if our summer collection were to release an album it would sound like this. Incomprehensible choirs singing about happy events, accompanied by lap steel guitars and bongos. Have a Mai Tai (with a cocktail umbrella) and relax.



No bullshit rock and roll, altrock and distortion. Guitars, fuzz, sometimes singing and sometimes shouting. This is the harder playlist from BLACKFISH. Although we can listen to this for hours, we know that not everyone shares that gift. That is why we play this list on quieter days and last hours. Perfect for that last energy boost or while trying out vintage leather perfecto jackets.



Calm but not boring; many people make the mistake of thinking that background music is lame and monotonous. We want to prove the contrary with this list. Nu jazz, minimal, electro and pop. Sometimes calm, sometimes more out there. Smoothly flowing in the background, but interesting enough if you pay attention to it. Perfect for the start of the day.



Rock, electronics, Ethno-pop, Tuareg guitar music and everything in between; as long as it has a North African or Arab flavor. East meets West, as it were. This is 'analog' variant of our Desert House playlist, and is therefore the perfect instrumental version for those hot summer days.



Lo-fi hip-hop, chill-hop, bedroom beats and jazz-hop; many names for pretty much the same genre. Vinyl crackling, sampled vocals, DIY compositions and laid-back percussion. A melancholic hip-hop variation on elevator music. Perfect to start the week in peace and focus, and always handy to fall back on if you don't know what playlist to play.