Get your earlobes pierced at BLACKFISH



At BLACKFISH you can get your earlobes pierced!


We are much experienced with tattoo’s, piercings and multiple earrings. At BLACKFISH we can give you advice on piercing one or multiple earrings, as well as getting it done!


How does getting you ears pierced work exactly?


We work with a piercing gun that is approved by the Public Health Authority. Since we use a new and sterile attachment, each time we use it, the piercing will be completely hygienic. A piercing gun shoots the earring along with the back in one go, so the actual piercing and placing the earring takes only one second.


Keep in mind that the store can be crowded, so we will be busy and won’t be able to pierce ears. You will be asked to wait or come back another time. Otherwise we will always be happy to assist you!


How many earrings can I pierce?


This really depends on the individual and on how many earrings or piercings you already have. There has to be a certain space between two earrings for them to heal nicely. Keep in mind that at BLACKFISH we can only pierce earlobes. For piercing through cartilage we advice you to get this done at a piercing shop.


How do I take care of the fresh pierced earrings?


Drip a saline solution (we also sell this) on the earring once a day, front and back

Try not to use q-tips or cotton pads

Twist the earring with clean hands

Keep your earring dry (do not disinfect too much)

Keep this up for about 6 weeks or until the piercing is healed

After that you can change the earrings


The healing process will take 4 to 6 weeks, depends on the the individual. You will be able to tell yourself when the piercing is healed.


You will get a printed version of the steps home. If you have any questions you can always get in touch! Call 030 6624395, email to [email protected] of DM @blackfishutrecht


What is the minimum age to get my ears pierced?


The minimum age is 12 years. When you’re younger than 16 years, we will need you parents permission


How much does it cost?


At BLACKFISH piercing one ear is €7.50. Piercing both ears, or pierce twice in one ear, is €15.00.