Our Store

At BLACKFISH Brand New & Vintage we do things a little different! Or maybe completely different... With our personally selected collection we focus on the outspoken characters; people with their own style and a unique interpretation of fashion. BLACKFISH is colourful: we love patterns and choose brands with a story and clothes with character. All while still being affordable and wearable.


We are Timo and Ella, a couple with a background in music, art and fashion. We started BLACKFISH with the vision to bring these things together. We lend our walls to young artists, the revenue of their work going entirely to them. In exchange, we get a work from every artist that hangs in our private collection on the walls of our vintage basement. Besides our interest in art, we also like to express our love for music in the shop; listen here to our curated playlists.


We like to create a down-to-earth environment; our store is our second living room and everyone’s welcome. Friends regularly come to visit us and we have a small bar (with stools) where customers and acquaintances can have a coffer/beer with us and chat!

We know many people like to browse through our racks without being disturbed. We do not like pushy sale tactics but rather stay in the background, yet we’re always ready to help and advise you.


We want you to wear something you're really happy with, because even though we're selling new clothes, we don't support over-consumption. If you’re buying something you feel really good about. you’ll wear it more often. We are therefore happy to advise you on how you can give a sustainable twist to new clothing in this way. BLACKFISH keeps a small stock so that we can renew our collection more often, and to prevent too many people from rocking the same outfit.

We believe that clothing is the most accessible way to express yourself and your style. So grab a beer and CHEERS!