Our Store

Picture by Alina Krasieva


BLACKFISH is a fashion- and conceptstore based in the center of Utrecht, the Netherlands. We, Timo and Ella, opened out first store in november 2017; a place where, besides the love for each other, a love for music, art, tattoos and fashion come together. For example, we have an urban gallery, where selected artist expose their art. We truly believe in the different elements reinforcing one and another, because style and fashion is not just about clothing, but a way of life. Our goal is to grow along with our costumers; we are true to ourselves, but like to be open to others.

Our collection aims for the extraordinary characters, folks with their personal style en unique view on fashion. Our store distinguishes itself to large chainstores, because we stay true to ourselves (and others) by not getting sucked in the mainstream. Hence our slogan: only dead fish go with the flow.

We select the pieces in our store with care and we supply our collection each week with newness. Blackfish sells to men, women and everyone in between and around. A goal that translates to our own label ‘Fishy Business’, a ‘unisexy’ clothing line, designed and made by us.

We are never done experimenting, dreaming and exploring!