Incense Cones - Mango & Oud

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Oud Incense Cones in Mango and Oud
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Oud cones manufactured in house using 100% natural, authentic agarwood to maintain our high quality standards

Mango and Oud, a rich, tropical scent that will transport your space into summertime. An intriguing blend of fruity sweetness and oud; designed exclusively for our exotic scent lovers.

A blend of Middle Eastern Oud sweetened with mango and fresh grapefruit, followed by red rose, geranium, patchouli and sweet musk. A rich, intense musk fragrance with delicate floral notes of geranium and rose, enveloped in aromatic notes of Oud.

Indulge in our decadent Mango and Oud range and dream of tropical islands with the scent of luxurious notes all added together by Nuhr Home to provide a supreme relaxing atmosphere.

Directions: Place cone on a heat proof dish or inside incense holder. Light the top of the cone using a matchstick or a lighter, then blow out the flame.

To put out: Stop the cone from burning all the way by turning it over or closing the lid of an incense holder. The cones can be used several times.

Burn time: Around 15 minutes per cone.

Box includes: 20 incense cones.