♣ Slipper Tzoúlia

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The Give A Pon slippers are handmade in a small workshop in Greece. The outside of this slipper is made of wool and the sole is made of leather. Are you in between sizes? In that case choose the smaller one; the slippers will widen quite a bit. 
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Lining: sheep wool
Exterior: undyed sheep's wool
Decorative stitching: mix of wool and acrylic yarns
Pompon: mix of wool and acrylic yarns
Sole: leather
Fully European production

The slippers fall according to your shoe size. They are a bit tighter in the beginning, but soon they mold to your foot. Below you will find the inner dimensions of the slippers. This way you can easily measure your own feet to make sure you order the right size!
Size 35/36: 24 cm
Size 37/38: 25.5 cm
Size 39/40: 27 cm
Size 41/42: 28 cm

If you are in doubt because you sometimes have size 38 and sometimes size 39, we advise you to go for size 37/38. This fits like a size 38 and size 39/40 fits like a size 40.