When we started BLACKFISH, we wanted our store to be more than just a regular clothing store. We both have a background in arts and music, and we want our store to reflect that. That's why we started our BLACKFISH Gallery; every two months we lend our walls to a different artist to showcase their art, and the money of every sold piece of art goes directly to the artist. 


Artist of the months July & August: Artmaus!

ARTMAUS is a visual project by Utrecht-based illustrator Thomas van Gaalen. ARTMAUS forms a window into a weird and wonderful world - a world of strange muzik, otherworldly plants, swingin’ cats and groovy dogs. Climb in and hold on tight - it’s time to go wacko spaghetto! Since 2019, the cosmonautic sensations of ARTMAUS have spread out to include expositions, music video's and illustration work. As of now, the exposition ARTMAUSTV is touring the Netherlands, showcasing a glimpse into the weird world of ARTMAUS.  




Are you interested in displaying your art on our walls? Send us an email at [email protected]

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