When we started BLACKFISH, we wanted our store to be more than just a regular clothing store. We both have a background in arts and music, and we want our store to reflect that. That's why we started our BLACKFISH Gallery; every two months we lend our walls to a different artist to showcase their art, and the money of every sold piece of art goes directly to the artist. 


Artist of the months September & October: Hanneke Rozemuller!

Hanneke Rozemuller:

What is most important when I draw, is that I want to mimic reality with all her complexity and strange beauty. However, it never comes close to reality; it is infinitely erratic and absurd. I want to mirror reality to the mental or spiritual world and try to reconcile the two. Catch the incomprehensible, strange part of reality that can't be caught in words. That where you can't put your finger on, the absurdity of life, of moral, of love, of meaningfulness or the lack of it. Enstrangement, confusion, mysticism and mystery are themes that often reappear in my illustrations. Wonder is key.







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