When we started BLACKFISH, we wanted our store to be more than just a regular clothing store. We both have a background in arts and music, and we want our store to reflect that. That's why we started our BLACKFISH Gallery; every two months we lend our walls to a different artist to showcase their art, and the money of every sold piece of art goes directly to the artist. 


Artist of the months January & February: Gigi van Grevenbroek!


Gigi van Grevenbroek is a graduated illustrator and animator from the art academy. Since she’s a little girl she is curious to her environment and traveling. With her big eyes to this interesting world she started drawing.


Her work always has an underlying thought that comes from her interest in the way that people, animals and nature live together. This is usually about social topics like deforestation. After she has seen the big palm oil plantations and the animal sanctuary on Borneo, she made, among other things, a big mural about medicals plants on Borneo. With this illustration, she wants to show people the beauty of the rainforest and make people aware about the fact that we need nature.


During the Illustration course Gigi also experimented with moving image and this made her enthusiastic. Since then animation projects are luckily crossing her path as well.


Gigi’s dream is to become a traveling illustrator. During her travels, she wants to work on projects about durability and equal rights for humans and animals. With those projects, she wants to teach people to consciously deal with nature and herself.


If you like to see more work of Gigi or want to say hi you can visit her website or Instagram account.








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