When we started BLACKFISH, we wanted our store to be more than just a regular clothing store. We both have a background in arts and music, and we want our store to reflect that. That's why we started our BLACKFISH Gallery; every two months we lend our walls to a different artist to showcase their art, and the money of every sold piece of art goes directly to the artist. 


Artist of the months May & June: Nicole Volbeda!


Nicole Volbeda uses the frustrations she encounters in daily life as topics for her artwork. Mental health and transience are important recurring themes. "I try to make my way through expectations  created by social media and my surroundings. I use my art as a tool to stand up to all my fears that these expectations entail."

The emotions she puts into her artwork will be recognizable for many of her contemporaries. In contrast to these contemplative themes, Nicole uses bright and cheerful colors combined with gold leaf.

Nicole Volbeda graduated from ECA Scotland with an MA in Arts and has worked for 10 years as an illustrator and visual artist in Utrecht.


Insta: @nvolbeda










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