When we started BLACKFISH, we wanted our store to be more than just a regular clothing store. We both have a background in arts and music, and we want our store to reflect that. That's why we started our BLACKFISH Gallery; every two months we lend our walls to a different artist to showcase their art, and the money of every sold piece of art goes directly to the artist. 


Artist of the months January & February: Ellis Tolsma!


Ellis Tolsma is a 22 year old illustrator and animator living in Hilversum. She believes that we grown-ups often take the world a little bit more serious than we should en she wants to bring back a bit of childlike playfulness and madness into the world. She wants to create a magical world with her work that appeals to both adults & children. She does this by working with colour, animations, wood, risoprints and acrylic paint. The themes in her work are about magic, folklore, the home, growing up, madness, beauty, happiness and fate.










Are you interested in displaying your art on our walls? Send us an email at [email protected]

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